About Hubli Corporate Players Private Limited

Our Vision

  •  Our Vision is to make the North Karnataka Region comprising of  Districts i.e Hubballi, Belagavi, Vijaypur, Bagalkot, Gadag, as  exclusive business and finance centres of India. As the region is well  served with transportation facilities, good natural climate, adequate  manpower both skilled and unskilled, there is immense scope for making  this region as business and finance centre for the entire Karnataka and  India. To Make this happen a good network of Trade and Finance  Professionals is required. Hence nkfincity.com intends to develop this  platform by getting all the trade, Business and finance related people  on the site. The site intends to facilitate outsiders making investment  in the North Karnataka Region by providing them information about the  personnel to help them implement their ideas. In addition, the site also  intends to retain our local talent in the region and help people  settled in bigger cities to bring them close to their homes. Our vision  is also to provide a platform for Start-ups of Belagavi, Hubballi,  Vijaypur and Bagalkot to present their skills on the site. 

Our Mission

  •  In order to achieve our Vision, we have devised this platform,  wherein the small profiles of all the people related to Business,  finance and Business Auxiliary Services are put up on the site by them,  so that they can easily advertise their skills to the their service  providing cities. Since the website provides services to the entire  North Karnataka Region, the profile advertisements can come from any of  the cities, towns from the region. In addition to this, the website  intends to create a platform wherein advertisement for several Business  and financé activities and required are advertised. Also finance news of  the region along with success stories of Businessmen, professionals are  published. The Start-ups of the region will also be allowed to upload  their presentations and look for investors. our vision and mission will  be dynamic to our growth.   

Our Team

Sandeep Inamdar - Managing Director


 A dedicated service professional with an experience of more than  20 years in the field of marketing and finance. His interest in  marketing field and an urge to develop the North Karnataka region has  brought him to the novel concept of the creating a website for the  region. The founder of the company will spearhead the marketing and  administrative functioning of the company. He can be reached at sandeep@nkfincity.com  

Ajey Deshpande - Director


 A graduate in BE Electrical and an MBA in Finance and HR  specialization is a Rank holder in MBA. He has been in the field of  electrical contracts for last 5 years. His Thrust for new ideas and  vision has brought him to be the founder director of the company. He  overlooks the technical side of the business. He can be reached at ajey@nkfincity.com